Exposure 3010S2D Wins the 2017 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award

Congratulations to Exposure for something we've know for a while now. The new Exposure 3010S2D is the simply the finest integrated amplifier the company has ever produced. With a Class A pre-amp section, completely discreet circuitry and optional HiRes DAC or Phono, the warmth and musicality of this amplifier rivals any tube amplifier but with the timing and speed only a solid state amplifier can produce. In addition, Exposure recently released their new half chassis XM series which includes the XM-5 integrated with built-in DAC and MM Phono, the XM-3 Phono amp with both MM & MC compatibility and soon to be released pre-amp and power amplifier to round out the line. These new designs are some of the biggest changes for the company in 10 years and we look forward to bring them to the Canadian market.