Ultrasone - Now available in Canada from Nation Imports


For over 25 years, we have been producing headphones with great enthusiasm and passion – headphones that stand out for being particularly high-quality and that impress with optimum sound technology. In the year that we were founded, headphones were quite different; they were seen as nothing more than functional objects. This is exactly what we wanted to change.

The reinvention of headphones

The first step was to come up with an innovative and effective design: the decentralized positioning of the sound transducer in our hi-fi headphones turned listening into an experience. We’re referring to our patented and revolutionary S-Logic technology, which is responsible for creating a more spatial sound characteristic. The depth of sound and spatial quality it created have been inspiring hi-fi enthusiasts and audio professionals all over the world, because the playback is similar to that of high quality speakers. Over time, S-Logic® technology has evolved due to continuous research.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

For our next step we looked into appearance. We aimed to eventually combine sound, shape and design all in one product. 2006 finally saw the introduction of the first dynamic high-end headphones: the Edition 7 – limited to 999 pieces. Unique product design combined with high-quality materials. Since then, numerous high-end models have been developed in our factory near Lake Starnberg.

Over the past two decades, our product range has expanded bit by bit, so we have something to suit every taste. For larger ears there are over-ear models, while fans of supra-aural headphones can enjoy our on-ear models. Those who prefer a smaller, lighter choice can select from a large selection of special in-ear headphones. You can also choose whether you’d rather a closed headphone or an open construction, or if you’d prefer to listen to your music through a cable or simply connect your headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Brief overview

  • We have been manufacturing headphones for over 25 years, satisfying customers worldwide

  • Our S-Logic® technology is constantly being further developed to the highest standards of quality

  • With ULE (Ultra Low Emission) we provide sound shielding to minimise low-frequency fields

  • We now export to over 50 countries

Last But Not Least

For our last step – no, don’t worry, we are far from over – we are always passionate about following the headphone market and complementing it with our products. So look forward to seeing further exciting technology from us, as well as individual, one-of-a-kind headphones for your ears.

Davone Speakers are now available in Canada from Nation Imports

Hand made in Denmark, the stunning Davone cabinets are hand crafted using traditional Danish furniture construction and wood bending techniques. Davone is the brain-child of MSc Paul Schenkel, an aeronautical engineer with a masters degree in physics, a professional background in acoustics and a deep passion for mid century design and architecture.

"We are continuesly working on improving the sound quality, the design and the combination of these two. The famous words from Massimo Vignelli really resonated with me: "the life of a designer is a life of fight: a fight against the ugliness". Sure, a tad dramatic. But still, Davone is my breath of fresh air in the monochromatic square reality of today". 

Paul Schenkel - Founder

Steve Guttenberg (Steve Guttenberg @ AudiophiliacMan) writes about the Davone speakers

“they're all bona fide audiophile masterpieces. The company steers clear of boring, flat-sided boxes. With Davone, it's all about the curves.”

Nation Imports is proud to include the Davone line of loudspeakers to our growing portfolio of Danish audiophile brands and we invite you to schedule an audition.

Introducing the Lyngdorf FR-1 Loudspeakers

The FR-1 is a full range loudspeaker with a focus on optimal dynamic performance combined with genuine musicality. Free from the need for a subwoofer, the FR-1 offers exceptionally open voices and tight, clean transients supported by a new driver and larger cabinet than Lyngdorf Audio’s MH-2 loudspeaker. It is an exceptional choice for both elegant stereo or home cinema installations.

Introducing the NEW Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Integrated Amplifier

The Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 integrated amplifier is the most versatile processor and amplifier combination on the market and built for the demanding audiophile with 2 x 400 W of power with an impressive feature set. Seven digital inputs, including a balanced AES/EBU, allow for optimal connection to digital audio sources and a USB input connects to music stored on external media. An optional HDMI upgrade module allows for 4K support on 3 inputs and 1 output.  There is also a built-in media player that connects to services like Spotify Connect and Airplay. Through the network or via the USB connectors, one can access music libraries through the DLNA/UPnP enabled player.

The TDAI-3400 comes complete with proprietary RoomPerfect™ technology including a new voicing tool which allows users to create up to 32 unique EQ voicings.