Like great wine, audio has many flavours.

Sadly, few people have experienced the sheer magic of music played on a high fidelity music system and we believe once someone has, they will want to own it. Nation Imports delivers exciting, high quality, high performance brands of the future for customers of all musical tastes. We can help you develop your two channel business with confidence. After thousands of hours auditioning, we've secured award winning brands that pair perfectly together and create the best examples of high fidelity sound on a given budget. 


Integrated Amplifiers 


TUBES - Cayin

This is where it all started. If your customers have recently discovered vinyl or re-discovered it after years away, then tube products should be on your list. Our Cayin brand is built by the largest tube component manufacturer in the world. Its reliable, affordable, musical, quiet and a perfect connection between your records and loudspeakers. Tube products deliver a warmer sound and can soften the edginess that sometimes accompanies digital music. Modern tube CD Player/DAC combo's and Amplifiers with DAC's built-in, easily connect to a computer and can significantly improve your musical experience from streaming services like Spotify, iTunes & Tidal.


SOLID STATE - Exposure

Looking for more kick? Solid state amplifiers are known for their speed and dynamic sound. After designing professional amplifiers for the likes of David Bowie, The Who and Pink Floyd, the original 1974 Exposure designs were created to reproduce the "live" sound of a concert. Today, the Exposure line has been carefully developed by Chief designer Tony Brady to retain the fun of those first models but deliver improved soundstage, depth and musicality. Tight full bass paired with focus on the vocals is typical of these superb English products. The latest XM-5 integrated amp includes both a high resolution DAC and MM phono so customers can enjoy their music from analogue or digital sources in a compact and modern half chassis design.


Pure DIGITAL - Lyngdorf

The first truly digital amplifier (Millennium) and the first real breakthrough in amplifier technology since 1948 was developed by Peter Lyngdorf. The latest TDAI-2170 is an evolution of that design and recipient of numerous awards including the 2017 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice. Essentially a power DAC, this pure digital integrated amplifier consumes very little electricity, generates no heat and is positively silent with no background noise...some call it "blackground." Dynamic range is wider than any other amplifier design and combined with the built-in and patented Room Perfect room calibration and other proprietary technologies, this "next generation" product re-create's stunning and lifelike musical reproduction in any room. Designed and manufactured in Denmark. 

The Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 fully digital stereo amplifier has, for the second year in a row, been honored with The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Award. In the original review, the magazine stated: “It is hard to imagine that people won’t like this and like it a lot.”





Paired with a quality amplifier and source components, a pair of speakers should disappear in a room, leaving only the mirage of a live musical performance. In one of the most modern factories in Europe, DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) designs and produces a wide selection of speakers using proprietary, patented designs and materials. Constant research in the acoustic sciences, development of new technologies, empowerment of employees and monitoring customer feedback is their recipe for success. DALI's multi award winning speakers are known for their signature musical & detailed midrange, wide soundstage and rich, accurate bass..."in admiration of music."




Using professional concepts originally developed for the Steinway Lyngdorf brand, the Lyngdorf MH-2 speaker and BW-2 boundary woofer can be used separately or together. The MH-2 speaker is designed for high performance, with a temperature resistant voice coil made from glass fibre, impregnated with polyimide resin and a ventilated copper capped magnet. The 400 watt BW-2 subwoofer includes a custom made 10” long-throw woofer plus a massive magnet and voice coil for optimum control in a compact cabinet that delivers extremely fast response and high efficiency. To ensure perfect piston movement of the cone, it's manufactured in deep anodized aluminium. The open basket design allows ventilation below the spider which, together with the vented pole piece, prevents over and under pressure from causing mechanical losses when the cone is moving.



Our handcrafted models are made using techniques that have been largely unchanged since laminated bended wood products first appeared in the middle of the last century. Multiple thin wood laminates are bend into their final shape in a press, and heat transforms the glue in between the layers into a glass-like state. A process that requires constant attention to get the best results. The three dimensional complexity of our models requires extra care while cooling down. During final assembly, small adjustments still need to be made because each part is slightly different. In the end we want to be proud of what we make. Because we know that our customers appreciate the extra effort that goes into making all Davone products.


CORNERED speakers mount directly in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets.

With a unique triangular design, Cornered speakers can be discreetly placed in applications such as on-wall, on ceiling, under balcony or of course in the corner, for a cleaner, more imaginative interior designs. And with speaker cables cornered as well, the overall solution is pleasing to the eye, as well as the ear.

Cornered speakers are made of extruded aluminium for a more compact and elegant design, while at the same time cooling the drivers and minimising power compression.

Capable of delivering serious sound pressure levels and uniform coverage, Cornered speakers offer a discreet and elegant solution for professional sound reinforcement.