Technology with a Purpose

Lyngdorf R&D spearheads advances in the sound industry, and always will. They offered room correction and 100% digital processing before it was a widely recognized alternative to pure analogue products. They develop unique and innovative technologies, prove they can work, and implement them purposefully. It’s that simple. For the second year in a row the Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 integrated amplifier has won the 2017 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award

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Discreet Elegant Simple

CORNERED speakers are true audiophile speakers from Denmark. They are capable of reproducing a natural three-dimensional sound stage, filling your room with dynamic and crisp sound. Mounted in the corners, they can be placed discretely out of sight with an overall design that is pleasing to the eye as well as the ear. Models for both residential and commercial, indoor or out.


A premium Danish speaker company with a signature approach.

The purpose of every DALI employee is omnipresent in their slogan "In Admiration of Music." Founded by Peter Lyngdorf in 1983, DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) continues as one of the fastest growing and most innovative speaker companies in Europe. Products are designed and produced at their factory in Denmark where each speaker is signed by the builder. For the second year in a row the DALI Epicon 6 & Rubicon 6 floorstanding speakers have won the 2017 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award.

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A historic British brand inspired by the legends of rock.

"With music in mind" Exposure has produced engaging and musical high fidelity products since 1974. Exposure amplifiers produce the musical sound of tubes with the speed and timing of solid state amplifiers. Designed by Tony Brady and manufactured in England, Exposure continues its tradition of quality and value in performance audio. For the second year in a row the Exposure 3010S2D has won the 2017 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award.


British Made BBC Licensed Monitors and bespoke loudspeakers.

Guided by British speaker designer Derek Hughes and custom speakers from Volt and Seas, the Graham Audio team have produced the award winning Chartwell LS3/5, LS5/8 and LS5/9 BBC licensed monitors. Building on their success, the company moves forward with its latest products, the rear ported LS/6, 3D System and VOTU, designed for large studios or listening rooms and power handling of 1 kilowatt. The Graham Audio BBC Licensed LS5/9 monitor has won the 2017 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award.


Asia's favourite tube brand re-defines high-end.


The fact is when many countries abandoned the tube format, China continued to develop and manufacture the technology and is now the leading producer in the world. Cayin remains devoted to developing the best sounding, affordable tube products on the market today. It's parent company, Spark Electronic, is the premier and largest manufacturer of high fidelity tube components in Asia, where they continue the tradition of building amplifiers by hand using point to point connections.